Social Change Partners advances concrete goals through a diverse range of strategies:

  • Government Relations: Establishing, strengthening and maintaining county, state, and federal legislative and administrative relationships.
  • Legislation & Regulation: Identifying and advancing legislative, budgetary, and regulatory solutions to address client-identified needs. 
  • Lobbying: Working with county, state, and federal policymakers and staff to garner support for legislation, funding requests, and other initiatives. 
  • Advocacy: Cultivating grassroots support, building and managing coalitions, and enhancing the impact of community, stakeholder, and youth voice in policy processes.  
  • Research & Analysis: Conducting deep-dive research on policy needs, assessing the implications of specific proposals and actions, and articulating and recommending appropriate responses.  
  • Strategic Positioning: Anticipating changes to the political and policy landscape and operating environment and developing adaptive strategies and practices.
  • Communications: Developing strategic messaging and campaigns and optimizing message deployment across platforms.
  • Media Relations: Cultivating productive relationships with traditional and new media outlets and developing media visibility and presence. 
  • Nonprofit Planning and Development: Business planning, fund development, and sustainability strategies for nonprofit advocacy organizations.