Sean Hughes - LinkedIn
Managing Partner, Director of Government Relations

Sean Hughes has more than 15 years of experience working on a broad range of public policy issues with a particular focus on children.  As a Congressional staffer, Sean organized investigative hearings on a range of child welfare issues and helped devise policy solutions. These efforts culminated in Seanʼs work to help author and pass the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, widely recognized as the most dramatic reform of federal child welfare law in more than a decade. Follow his decade on Capitol Hill, Sean served as Director of Congressional Affairs for the Child Welfare League of America for several years. Currently, Sean works with a range of child serving organizations in California and Washington D.C. to increase their effectiveness and enhance their leadership on policy issues.

Sean possesses significant expertise in county, state and federal legislative, budgeting, and regulatory processes as well as the Congressional appropriations process.  He has extensive experience developing and executing policy and funding agendas, both within government and as an advocate.  

Reed Connell - LinkedIn
Managing Partner, Director of Policy & Advocacy

Through over 15 years working in foster care, mental health, housing, and special education settings, Reed Connell has developed a sophisticated knowledge of childrenʼs policy development at all levels of government. For the past several years, Reed has worked with statewide and national coalitions to design, pass, and implement a range of important children's legislation, including AB12, California's implementation of the federal Fostering Connections to Success Act. From 2009 to 2013, Reed served as the Executive Director of the Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance, an effective and highly visible local advocacy agency. Reed has worked with advocates, providers, and coalitions around the state on issues related to local control and flexible financing in child welfare, the impacts of Realignment and Health Care Reform on child and adolescent mental health systems, and the development of accountability infrastructure.

Reed holds an MSW degree from UC Berkeley with a concentration in Management and Planning. He has particularly well-developed skills in research and analysis, strategy development, organizing, and coalition building. His primary areas of expertise include state and local budgeting processes, the interaction of various child-serving systems, and policy implementation.  

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