The founders of Social Change Partners bring more than three decades of experience in policy practice, program administration, advocacy strategies, and government relations. Our expertise is particularly concentrated in several related areas:

  • Child Welfare - Federal, State, Local: California's child welfare and foster care systems serve the community from the complex intersection of federal, state, and county policy. We are recognized for our command of policy context, trends, and practice at all levels of government, and seek to shape the continued development of policy to improve outcomes for children and families.
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health - EPSDT, School Based Services, MHSA, ACA: Vulnerable children and families are often supported on the path to a successful future by a range of programs and services funded through healthcare systems. We support the sophisticated leveraging of mental health programming across domains to address individual and community needs.
  • Federal, State, and Local Budget and Policy Processes - Social programs operate from the complex intersection of federal, state, and local budget and policy decisions. We partner with stakeholders and advocates to navigate and influence processes of budgetary and legislative development at each level of government to achieve concrete resource gains for children's programs.
  • K-12 Eduction - Special Education, Enrichment, LCFF: The educational needs of children and adolescents are served through an evolving matrix of school and community based programs and settings. We support the development of sophisticated models and the optimization of school and related environments to achieve student success.
  • Higher Education - Community Colleges, EOPS, Access: The global economy increasingly favors educational accomplishment, and college success continues to underpin individual economic and intellectual actualization. We partner with government, public and private institutions to make higher education accessible and transformative.